We have very good news for our largest demographic group, the 80% of the population who say they believe in God. God has given instructions to us in His list of the Ten Commandments and has given us a guide for life in the Holy Bible. Our challenge is to LiveTheTen  . . . Everyday!!!sm Everyday!!! is the key to success and a truly meaningful relationship with your Creator. In Exodus chapter 20, we find the original Ten Commandments, the basis for all values.

“Then God spoke all these words, saying “I am the Lord your God…
One: You shall have no other gods before me
Two: You shall not make yourself any idols
Three: You shall not take the name of the Lord in vain
Four: Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy
Five: Honor your father and mother
Six: You shall not murder
Seven: You shall not commit adultery
Eight: You shall not steal
Nine: You shall not bear false witness
Ten: You shall not covet your neighbor’s house, your neighbor’s wife, his male servant, his female servant, his ox, his donkey or anything that is your neighbor’s “

While there is a lot of commentary on the list of the Ten Commandments, LiveTheTen  . . . Everyday!!!sm involves having a personal relationship with God and walking with Him on a daily basis. God yearns for that relationship, but gives us the ultimate choice of engaging Him or rejecting Him. He will always be there with open arms, waiting for us and welcoming us regardless of the circumstances or how we have lived our life to this point.

If we truly have a personal relationship with God, Commandments One through Four should be goals for each of us. We honor Him by being faithful to these original Ten Commandments. They are the basic tenants of our relationship, and we should be overwhelmed and grateful that our Almighty and Loving God has given us an opportunity for such a relationship—one with so many rewards. Why would we want to disrespect, distance, disappoint and disassociate ourselves from anyone with whom we have a close personal relationship? Just think of all your best and closest relationships: the times you share, the way you feel, the impact on your attitude and life. Aren’t these relationships built on LOVE?

Love is the very best of mankind. It is a warm and glowing light, radiating from within, the ultimate expression and beyond comprehension. God is love and LiveOurValuesEveryday!!!sm means sharing His L.O.V.Everyday!!!sm with all those we meet. Your relationship with God gives you access to His love as well as unimaginable joy and hope. God wants our time, full attention and respect. He wants us to focus on Him, spend time with Him, talk to Him and show reverence to Him. He does not want distractions to interfere with our relationship with Him. He also wants us to have one day each week set aside for Him. We should want this too.

If we put God first in our life, everything else takes on a different meaning, and all of a sudden, things that consumed our time, things that seemed overwhelming, things that were distracting,become secondary and do not have a material impact on our lives.

Our recreational activities can become a big distraction, preventing us from obeying the original Ten Commandments. If we are always on the go or connected to an electronic device, we are taking time away from our relationship with God. If we are going to sporting events or sleeping in, instead of worshipping on Sunday, we are taking away from our relationship with God. The hour or two in God’s house, with fellow believers, help clear the mind of all the clutter of the week, focus on God’s message and prepare us for the challenges of the coming week. We need to recharge our spiritual batteries not just once a week, but everyday!!! We need prayer and quiet time to reflect on God and His plan for our lives. We need to talk to Him and listen to Him for direction. Instead of living 24/7 for the world, let’s live our faith 24/7.

LiveTheTen  . . . Everyday!!!sm means accepting and being obedient to His L.O.V.Everyday!!!sm

If we start with a list of the Ten Commandments, commandments 1-4 are what God wants from you. He knows what is best for you and will guide you through your mission in life. We just need to listen to Him and talk to Him. How do we talk and listen to Him? We talk to Him through prayer and we listen to Him by having quiet time. We want to encourage you to spend some quiet time with God each day and listen to His instruction.

Just as we respect God, we should honor our parents. Even though life is much more complicated in the 21st century than in the days of Moses, we should desire to show respect for our parents and our elders. Despite the circumstances that surround our lives, God used our parents to bring us into the world and help shape our unique personalities that He uses to further His cause and impact others. All our life experiences, whether positive or negative, prepare us for the opportunities God presents us to further His Kingdom. We should be thankful for our parents, spend time with them and share our thoughts and aspirations with them. Our willingness to accept the assignment that God has for us is another subject. If we do choose that path, our life will be rewarding, and we will have an impact on God’s grand design. Even if we are just a small piece of the puzzle, the puzzle will not be complete without our contribution. LiveTheTen  . . . Everyday!!!sm means showing L.O.V.Everyday!!!sm for our parents.

Love is not only about all that is good and just, it also seeks to minimize all the behaviors and habits in our lives that are harmful and destructive to ourselves and others. Lying, stealing and killing should not be tolerated in society. I would add cheating to this list as well. When we practice or participate in one of these actions, we are damaging our reputation and writing the wrong epitaph for our tombstones. We all begin life with a blank slate, and we leave only our reputation and the memories we create for others. Every time we knowingly make a false statement, cheat, steal or murder, we negatively impact society, hurt one or more people and damage our reputations. These actions erode the very foundation of our society. Lying, stealing and cheating have been accepted as normal behaviors in many places and are sometimes even celebrated. Murder is unacceptable, but, in certain instances, the guilty have been allowed to beat the system. Why would we want to hurt anyone and jeopardize our life or good reputation? It seems counterintuitive, but the deterioration is prevalent throughout the world. God wants us to be a light shining in the world and share the love that He showed in sending His Son into the world.

I Corinthians 13:6 says love “does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with Truth.” By being honest and truthful, as well as by practicing kindness, patience and generosity, we become that light shining in the world, earn the respect of those around us and can have true peace and happiness in our human life. More importantly, we build our reward in Heaven, solidify our relationship with God and leave a good reputation behind.
LiveTheTen  . . . Everyday!!!sm means living His L.O.V.Everyday!!!sm

Adultery is much more prevalent in society today and is changing the dynamics of the family unit. We are damaging and suffocating our relationship with our spouse when we commit adultery and giving our time to another person. By singling out this one specific act, God gives utmost importance to honoring the sanctity of marriage. Marriage is part of the social order created by God. By committing adultery, we are destroying the special bond God wants us to have with our spouse and depriving ourselves of the warm feelings and experiences we enjoy in any close personal relationship. We are cheating ourselves, our mate, our kids and our God. As a result, marriages are being destroyed and family splintered. It brings into play the overall topic of commitment and a person’s word. We should honor all commitments, and marriage should be the first and foremost as God has made this a sacred institution. It is one of the original Ten Commandments. Having an unquestioned relationship with our spouse should be a source of love, joy and happiness.
LiveTheTen  . . . Everyday!!!sm means sharing His L.O.V.Everyday!!!sm with our spouse and kids.

I Corinthians 13 also states that “love is not jealous.” In a world of greed and secular indulgences, coveting may be the greatest violation of all God’s Commandments. It’s all about me, me, me—what I have and what I want. Self-indulgence may be the “god” that most of us worship. We want more and, in a lot of cases, we will violate the other nine commandments to achieve it. Some people would rather trade a few minutes of pleasure for an eternity in heaven. It is very unfortunate because chasing material possessions deprives us of time for our relationships and does little to provide memories or build God’s Kingdom.

Accumulating wealth and worldly trophies is encouraged in a capitalist society. However, the way you accumulate your wealth, what you do with it and the people you impact, positively or negatively, in the process will be included in your epitaph. If we consider our money, regardless of how much or how little we have, as a ministry, our decision-making process will be simplified. Our lives will be enriched by the generosity we show. Instead of the pressure of keeping up with the Jones, we will experience the joy and satisfaction of watching seeds grow and blossom. Our money and/or our personal involvement in a worthwhile effort or charitable organization touch more lives than we can imagine. If God takes care of the birds and flowers, he will also take care of us. We should focus on loving and caring for others and being a light shining in a dark world. We should be living the Ten Commandments. Our life will be fulfilled in ways that we can never envision.
LiveTheTen  . . . Everyday!!!sm means dying to self in order to receive His L.O.V.Everyday!!!sm

This is why we encourage you to LiveTheTen  . . . Everyday!!!sm and use the LiveOurValuesEveryday!!!sm template.

LiveTheTen  . . . Everyday!!!sm and the LiveOurValuesEveryday!!!sm mission means sharing His L.O.V.Everyday!!!sm with all those we meet in life’s journey. The List of Ten Commandments can be the basic pillars of any civilization whether taken in a religious context or not. We were given the LiveOurValuesEveryday!!!sm mission and the L.O.V.Everyday!!!sm slogan because we all have an inherent capacity to love—a testament of God’s love for each of us.

We hope to encourage many of you to define the values in your lives. For others, we hope to provide an opportunity to recommit to the values contained in The List of the Ten Commandments. We want you to live by the list of Christian values. God wants us to have a personal relationship with Him and spread His L.O.V.Everyday!!!sm throughout the world. Being such a loving God, He gives us the ultimate choice in deciding if we want to participate. He is waiting with open arms to welcome you into a personal relationship with Him. If you have broken or ignored any of the original Ten Commandments, or God in general, He can fix it in an instance. He will wipe your slate clean and give you a fresh start! We want to help you have a personal relationship with God. We want you to see how deep is God’s love.

  • Ask Him for forgiveness.
  • Start the relationship He designed for you.
  • Keep a list of the Ten Commandments in a visible location and use them as your guide for life.
  • Carve out some quiet time each day to reflect, pray and listen to God.
  • Find a church, group or faith-based friends to support you in your journey.
  • Contact us, and we will introduce you to one of our partners in your area.

If you are a person of faith, but wobble off the path from time to time:

  • Renew your commitment to God.
  • Pledge to be more faithful in the future.
  • Carve out some quiet time each day to reflect, pray and listen to God.

Everyday!!! is the key to success in this journey. We need to give God some of our time each and everyday!!! Most importantly, we must strive to live our life so that others will see that we are God’s handiwork and that we are obedient to Him. Solomon, in all his wisdom and after much pondering, summarized his thoughts in Ecclesiastes 12:13, “The conclusion, when all has been heard, is fear God and keep His commandments, because this applies to every person. For God will bring every act to judgment, everything which is hidden, whether it is good or evil.” We can choose to ignore or run away from God, but ultimately we have to stand before Him. None of us can influence or change the past, so don’t worry about the mistakes or wrong decisions you have made. None of us will be perfect in the future either. God forgives and forgets. Use this opportunity for a fresh start! Seek to have a positive impact on the rest of today and tomorrow. Let your light shine brightly in the world, spread His L.O.V.Everyday!!!sm and enjoy an extraordinary personal relationship with God!

LiveTheTen  . . . Everyday!!!sm and LiveOurValuesEveryday!!!sm Template

  1. Print out a list of The Ten Commandments or our slogan, LiveTheTen  . . . Everyday!!!sm

  2. Put your copy in a visible location…on your bathroom mirror, on your desk, on your computer,on your cell phone.

  3. Read them and reflect on them everyday!!!

  4. Think about your words, thoughts and actions in terms of sharing His L.O.V.Everyday!!!sm

  5. Give God some quiet time each day to pray to Him and listen to His instruction.

  6. Team up with a mentor, friend or small group for support and accountability.

  7. Strive to LiveTheTen  . . . Everyday!!!sm and share His L.O.V.Everyday!!!sm

Suggestions for faith-based institutions

  1. Place a LiveTheTen  . . . Everyday!!!sm page/tab
    on your Web site.

  2. Preach one or more sermons on The Ten Commandments every year.

  3. Teach the Ten Commandments in children’s Sunday School on an annual basis.

  4. Offer a 10-week class on the Ten Commandments to study them in depth.

  5. Make the Ten Commandments your Vacation Bible School theme.(See our VBS program below. We also have songs and crafts to share with you)

  6. Challenge the congregation to LiveTheTen  . . . Everyday!!!sm and emulate Jesus’ life…Everyday!!!

  7. Encourage parents and grandparents to teach values to their children and grandchildren.

  8. Mobilize your congregation, particularly your experienced folks, and start a mentoring program in an elementary school, middle school or high school. Every kid needs a mentor and who better than faith-based people to listen and share their life experiences?

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