Values = our belief system

Morals = ability to distinguish between right and wrong

Parenting Style = LiveOurValuesEveryday!!!sm

Positive Parenting = sharing L.O.V.Everyday!!!sm

What is your parenting style? If you have kids, you are teaching your children your morals, values and beliefs whether you practice positive parenting or not. Your children will begin to model your behavior at a relatively early age. Your children become what they see, hear and are taught. If you are kind and patient, they will most likely be kind and patient. If you yell, scream and curse, they will most likely do the same. One of the biggest challenges in life is to raise our kids and teach them our morals, beliefs and values. Many parents have not focused as much time on teaching children values or positive parenting due to the demands on their time and the fast pace of society. Parents need to develop a list of values and beliefs for their kids.

The LiveOurValuesEveryday!!!smproject as well as the L.O.V.Everyday!!!sm slogan and logo were designed to help you visually reinforce the morals, beliefs and values you choose to teach your kids. The LiveOurValuesEveryday!!!sm template is a resource and coaching tool to help you place the boundaries and structure that research shows kids want and need from their parents. We call this parenting style Positive Parenting. Here is the simple five step process that shows you how to teach kids values.

    LiveOurValuesEveryday!!!sm Template

  1. Type the 5 core beliefs and values you want to teach into the PDF below and print it out.

  2. Tape the list in a visible location, preferably the bathroom mirror or refrigerator.

  3. Remind your children to read them everyday!!!

  4. Memorize the values, and use them as teaching and coaching tools to praise good behavior and correct mistakes.

  5. Love your kids and enjoy the time you have with them. They are your pride, joy and legacy.

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Why positive parenting? Teaching children values and the difference between right and wrong is much harder these days. The lines have been compromised in many instances and erased in some cases. Behaviors such as lying and cheating that used to be unacceptable to society are now accepted as long as we don’t get caught or it serves our purpose. We will have to commit time and practice positive parenting if we want our children to have good morals, beliefs and values. We also need to prepare our kids for the implications of doing the right thing. Society will pressure them to conform and will exclude them if they don’t follow the crowd.

Listen to the words and observe the behaviors of today’s kids. They are bright, confident and energetic, but they can also be downright mean and degrading to others. They push the boundaries and tell you what you want to hear or whatever is convenient. We need to help them with their morals, beliefs and values and teach them what behaviors are acceptable and not acceptable. Our responsibility is to be a parent, not a yes person, not their best friend all the time and certainly not one to turn our head the other way when rules and boundaries are violated. We should show and tell our children how much we love them and not be afraid to correct and discipline them. We need to practice positive parenting and teach them that LiveOurValuesEveryday!!!sm means sharing L.O.V.Everyday!!!sm. Talk to them about the meaning of LOVE.

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If we teach our kids to look at life through the spectrum of LOVE, it will give them the right attitude and focus for life. Love is a warm and positive feeling. Love brings out the best in all of us. It is the basis for many of our morals, beliefs and values. Love is not only about all that is good and just, it also helps us minimize those behaviors and habits are are harmful and destructive to us and others. L.O.V.Everyday!!!sm allows our kids to emphasize the positive while minimizing the negative.

We encourage you to develop a few guidelines, rules or boundaries like those below and display them in a prominent place where your kids can see them everyday!!! You and your children can do this together as a family activity. After choosing the morals, beliefs and values you want to teach, print them out in the PDF we have provided and put them in a visible place. I prefer to tape them on the mirror in the bathroom because kids will usually see them in the morning and when they go to bed at night. I ask my kids to read them every morning and every night. You can also tape them to the refrigerator or write them on their school notebook. Looking at them and reading them everyday!!! will remind your children of the values they should be striving to achieve. I suggest five values, at the most, with words that your kids can relate to. You can change the values and use different words as your children grow older. I give my children their values list as a Christmas present.

This is a good start, but the key to raising good kids and teaching kids values is your involvement. You need to live the morals, beliefs and values that you expect from your kids, after all, our slogan is Live OUR Values Everyday!!!, meaning you and your children. Personal development of core values is important and they will need your guidance in developing their morals, beliefs and values. You also should coach them and correct them when they step outside the rules and boundaries you have established. Talk to them about values and why it is important to have good core values. Tell them that their teachers and friends will remember them by how they act. Practice positive parenting and remind them frequently that,

LiveOurValuesEveryday!!!sm means sharing L.O.V.Everyday!!!sm

It’s an attitude and a focus for their lives.

You can also get books on the specific values topics to read to your kids and have them read as they grow older. Monitor and limit television. A lot of the shows promote the me, me, me and do-whatever-makes-you-happy view of the world. Watch them play and interact with their friends. Teach your kids they have the power to choose their friends, and their friends should share the same morals, beliefs and values they have. Use the unhealthy behavior of friends and playmates to coach your children on how they should behave. Have family fun nights and date nights with your kids. Play with them, and take them to the park. Enjoy them, and share our L.O.V.Everyday!!!sm slogan with them.

We encourage you to start with the basics, truth and honesty—no lying, stealing and cheating. These are probably the most violated rules today. In its 2008 Report Card, the Josephson Institute polled 30,000 youth and found 80% of students lied about something significant to their parents, 38% cheated on tests two or more times and 30% stole something from a store in the last year. These are disturbing trends. We need to tell our kids that “we do not lie in this house” and “we tell the truth all the time.” If you do not call them on these behaviors when they are small, the lies will get bigger, and lying will become the norm because it is convenient and accepted. Think of the future problems you may eliminate for your children by drawing the line when you see this unbecoming behavior.

Another good slogan is the Golden Rule: “treat others the same way you want them to treat you.” This is what sharing L.O.V.Everyday!!!sm is all about. Encourage your kids to think about every word and every action before they speak or act. Ask them if a behavior promotes LOVE in the world or if it is destructive to themselves or others? This is a very simple test to administer when talking to your children, and it provides good coaching opportunities as well. It will also serve as a good differentiator for right and wrong which they can use throughout life. Seeing and thinking about our L.O.V.Everyday!!!sm slogan will help your children emphasize good behaviors and minimize bad habits. Remind them that
LiveOurValuesEveryday!!!sm means sharing L.O.V.Everyday!!!sm

Finally, praise them and reward them for good behavior and living the morals, beliefs and values you have instilled in them. This why we call our parenting style, Positive Parenting. You are showing, telling and teaching your children about the beliefs and values that are important to you.

The philosopher Aristotle once said, “We are what we repeatedly do.” Isn’t that true with everything in life? Aren’t lying, stealing, cheating and cursing just bad habits we get into? Shouldn’t we teach our kids that truth, respect, responsibility and having a positive attitude are a free choice and a way of life? Everyone is a product of their environment. We must provide the right environment…loving, caring, nurturing, encouraging, modeling, coaching, mentoring and disciplining.

In summary, practicing positive parenting and raising children with good core values is a big commitment, must be taken seriously and requires that time be set aside for monitoring, teaching and coaching in order to work effectively. This is positive parenting. Below is a sample of five core values that most parents and schools would start with, but feel free to come up with your own list based on your unique circumstances. Use this as a project to do with your kids so they will have ownership of them. We also encourage you to get your school involved. Teaching values in schools will engage the entire community. We sincerely hope this will assist you in raising your children, preparing them to have good core values and living their values everyday!!!

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This is our suggestion for the five values that most schools would approve.

You can tape them to the mirror, have your kids review them everyday!!! and use them for coaching.

hard rule

Give my Best all the time
Tell the truth all the time

Show Respect to myself and others
Take Responsibility for my actions

Share L.O.V.Everyday!!!sm

Here are some other suggestions to think about.
Behave like a prince or princess
Listen carefully to my parents and teachers
practice Discipline and Self Control
Care about others
have a Positive attitude
Patience and Kind
use my Imagination
Learn to Trust
Learn to Cooperate with others
strive for Excellence
say my Prayers

To assist you in discovering, defining and living values for your kids, we have developed the LiveOurValuesEveryday!!!sm Template which is presented below. We sincerely hope that it will be of assistance to you in raising your family and teaching children values.

LiveOurValuesEveryday!!!sm Template

  1. Take some quiet time with each of your kids. Talk to them about values, why they are important and what theLiveOurValuesEveryday!!!sm project means.

  2. Type the 5 values you want to teach into the PDF below and print it out.

  3. Tape the list in a visible location, preferably the bathroom mirror or refrigerator.

  4. Remind your child to read them everyday!!!

  5. Remind them that LiveOurValuesEveryday!!!sm
    means sharing L.O.V.Everyday!!!sm

  6. Memorize the values, and use them as teaching and coaching tools to praise good behavior and correct mistakes.

  7. Team up with a mentor, friend or small group (Facebook: LiveOurValuesEverydayKids) for support and accountability.

  8. Enjoy the time you have with them. They are your pride, joy and legacy.

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